Archived Shows

Season 1

Addiction Recovery with Alex Elswick….Available on iTunes

School Shootings, what should parents know with Nan Bustik…Available on iTunes

Credit Counseling with Darius Norman…Available on iTunes

Dancing with our shadows with Rev. Adriene Thorne…Available on iTunes

I’m gay and Christian, what do I do? Guest Pastor Stan Mitchell?…Available on iTunes

Physical Fitness and mental wellness with Brian Leggett…Available on iTunes

Marriage after Retirement with Doc and Denise Messina….Available on iTunes

Childhood and adolescent trauma with Dr. Shambra Mulder...Available on iTunes

Married to music with Jason and Summer McKinney…Available on iTunes

Young widower with Ahaji Amos…Available on iTunes

Farmer Stress with Dr. Deborah Reed…Available on iTunes

Childhood abandonment with Shine the Chef…Available on iTunes 1/29/19

Parenting on the Spectrum with Tad & Maria Reeve…Available on iTunes 2/5/19

Black Men, Trauma and Mental Health with Shine the Chef & Derek Gibson…Available on iTunes 2/12/19