Archived Shows

Season 1

Addiction Recovery with Alex Elswick….Available on iTunes

School Shootings, what should parents know with Nan Bustik…Available on iTunes

Credit Counseling with Darius Norman…Available on iTunes 11/13/18

Dancing with our shadows with Rev. Adriene Thorne…Available on iTunes 11/20/18

I’m gay and Christian, what do I do? Guest Pastor Stan Mitchell?…Available on iTunes 11/27/18

Physical Fitness and mental wellness with Brian Leggett…Available on iTunes 12/4/18

Marriage after Retirement with Doc and Denise Messina….Available on iTunes 12/11/18

Childhood and adolescent trauma with Dr. Shambra Mulder…Available on iTunes 12/18/18

Young widower with Ahaji Amos…Coming soon!


Farmer Stress with Dr. Deborah Reed…Coming soon!

Married to music with Jason and Summer McKinney…Coming soon!